steamlabs – Paddleboat Maker Races

STEAMLabs will set up a maker area for participants to design, cut and build paddle-boats. This will consist of ¼” wooden plywood, with visitors cutting it on dremel moto saws. Elastic bands will be provided to make a wind up paddle mechanism. Laser-cut wooden pieces will be supplied to build up the structure of the boat. These pieces resemble meccano, with slots to interconnect them, and holes to add other parts. Craft materials will also be supplied for adding other details. Once complete, visitors will race their creations across the library’s pond. Visitors will be able to pay a donation to support the activity, suggested at $7 per boat. Talk to steamlabs staff to learn about our maker and coding programs and camps for kids, adults and educators!

At the Festival:
The whole activity is hands-on! From start to finish, participants are designing, building, using power tools and playing with their creations by racing them across the pond.