Studio Kosnik – IKEA Hacking

IKEA Hack your way into beautiful, functional interiors – take a plain white BILLY bookcase and turn it into a fancy WILLIAM bookcase. Plans; a Demonstration; Tips and Tricks; Suppliers – learn new skills, expand your creativity, start participating in the PEAK FURNISHINGS phenomenon.

Taking IKEA’s inexpensive BILLY bookcase I will show you how to design and transform it into a designer looking WILLIAM bookcase. We will review 3 popular looks: Fancy French, New Shaker and Modern Contemporary AND the detailing that gives each of these styles that timeless appeal. Painting cabinetry has its own challenges and we will discuss tips and tricks to simplify the process and how to achieve a professional look. Want to make it one of a kind, personal impression? – I will outline a simple process to follow that will allow you to make the WILLIAM bookcase truly yours. Learn about the PEAK FURNISHINGS phenomenon and why it is great for the all Do-It-Yourselfers.

Each participant will get an instructional booklet filled with:
A] how to achieve the results discussed during the workshop;
B] a guide to designing and personalizing your own WILLIAM bookcase;
C] Tips and Tricks for achieving professional results;

We will be handing out samples of mouldings, paint samples and joinery – with a hands on presentation the participants will gain a better understanding of the process, learn new skills and improve on their old ones, and gain confidence to tackle this project or similar challenges.