Swaleh Owais – Boiler Labs

Swaleh Owais is a an avid life long maker. He constantly builds robots and software applications that solves problems he is passionate about. Swaleh wants to dedicate his life to solving social problems in his community with his technological skill set. Through his design studio, Boiler Labs, Swaleh has developed several creative projects that are sure to excite the Toronto Maker community. Swaleh’s keys areas of interest are automating menial repetitive soul crushing tasks; bringing accountability to the internet; and STEAM education advocacy.

At the Toronto Maker Festival 2018, Swaleh would like to demonstrate two flagship projects.

The first is the WorkHorse 3D Printer. The WorkHorse 3D Printer is an autonomous 3D printer. The printer has a conveyor belt integrated into the print bed that automatically ejects prints. This novel feature allows the WorkHorse 3D Printer to print a constant stream of parts with no need for human intervention. The WorkHorse 3D Printer allows anyone to have mass production capabilities. The machine brings the power of a factory to any home, school, and business. Automating part ejection is a necessary feature that will be required for 3D printers to become mainstream. The success of the WorkHorse 3D Printer will be a major leap forwards for 3D printing.

The second project is the Broad Source Detector. Swaleh Owais believes online forums are a great place to discuss interesting news articles and topics. One of the most annoying issues with this form of communication is that many people commenting on an article do not actually read the article. Many online commentators only bother reading the headline before giving their opinion. The Broad Source Detector automatically flags commentators that do not actually open the article before commentating. This allows other forum members to assess comments appropriately. Tools like the Broad Source Detector will make the internet a more transparent place for everyone.

Interactive Activity at the Festival:
Boiler Lab’s booth will have multiple engaging activities that will get Toronto Maker Festival attendees excited about Boiler Lab’s projects and work.

Boiler Labs will allow attendees to print out custom name tags on a WorkHorse 3D printer. Boiler Labs will allows attendees to practice their CAD skills by designing their own name tags. Each tag has a print time of 3 min. Therefore, Boiler Labs should be able to provide a large number of name tags.

Boiler Labs will also offer an online game that allows attendees to determine whether an online commentator actually read the article that they are commentating on. Attendees can complete the game with/without the web tools offered by Boiler Labs. Boiler Labs will give out prizes to successful contestants. Boiler Labs hopes that the game demonstrates that internet communication can be drastically improved with well thought out software improvements.