Tinkertorium – Makers Mosaic

An interactive mosaic where each participant maps their individuality through pre-defined identifiers. The data Mosaic will then be a reflection of Toronto’s diverse people representing the interconnecting aspects of their backgrounds, thoughts, hopes and ideas.
The mechanics which makes this visually interactive is by asking each participant to choose a color of yarn they most identify with and to wrap it around various pegs carrying relevant statements about their identity, ideas, ineterest and sentiments of attending this event.

The identity definers and statements will be tailored to include the diverse and varied backgrounds that make up Toronto’s populace. The statements will also be customized to gather insights about their maker inspirations, passions, interests, influences as well as their hopes for the future (and/or other criteria as deemed relevant).

Through this visual language, we will be able to extract a multi-layered data map over the course of the Festival weekend. These data points and insights can then be used to draw informed conclusions and create meaningful connections.

  • Categories: Best In Show, Installations, 2018