Ultimate Workshop

The Ultimate Workshop is a membership based, self directed workshop. We are open to accepting individuals that have the desire to Create, Repair, or Repurpose.

We like to call ourselves a Do It Yourself center. Some people call them maker spaces, some hacker spaces, but the general goal here is to provide a great space, full of the tools and equipment for you to let your creativity run wild! You’re able to do hand and machine fabrication from woods, plastics, metals and other mediums.  Our members may need to make one part or have a grand idea that needs many pieces. Some times they (you) have all the parts and just want to put a creation together. You can think of us as a garage for tinkering, with lots of tools.

Training and assistance is available for basic hand tools, all the way up to welding, mill and lathe work, powersaws, CNC mill programming and operation, and Computer Aided Design (CAD).