University of Toronto Human-Powered Vehicles Design Team – Human-Powered Vehicles

We design, build and test a variety of vehicles, including bicycles, aircraft, and submarines. Our goal is to demonstrate innovative engineering while developing technologies to reduce society’s negative impact on the environment. The team is entirely student-run; all design, manufacturing, and racing is done by University of Toronto engineering students.

Educational outreach is an important part of our mission. We don’t sell or market anything; our impact is entirely through the impressions we make and the concepts we develop. We try to communicate not just some impressive feats, but also an understanding of the science that makes it possible.

For this event, we plan to bring one of our speedbikes and our newest human-powered submarine. Our speedbike has been tested up to 125 km/h over level ground. Our submarine is twice as fast as an Olympic swimmer and can dive to 30 m. Each is about 8′ x 2′.