Unraku Studios – Puppets from the Unraku Workshop

We would like to exhibit a series of puppets made by the Unraku Workshop for a variety of theatre, TV and independent film projects. Included in our exhibit will be a display explaining the process used to create many of the puppets as well as samples of some of the materials used and examples of puppets-in-progress. We’ll also likely be building one or more puppets live throughout the weekend.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
Attendees will have the opportunity to try “special effects puppetry”, performing a rod puppet character on a miniature set aided by a video camera and monitor (this will fit on the hands-on activity table).

We will also have a “touch wall” with samples of fur, fabric, foam, rubber and other materials used to make puppets along with a small display explaining the process used to make many of our puppets.