We spend 90% of time indoors. One faulty heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can cost over $6,500/person/year in employee productivity losses. HVAC systems represent one of the largest components of building energy use, wasting over 20% of electricity and creating significant carbon emissions. Most HVAC systems waste excessive amounts of energy and over 25% of HVAC systems have undiagnosed issues, which result in costly failures.

WeavAir harnesses advanced sensor technology and predictive analytics to mange high value HVAC systems, save money, improve health and streamline operations. We develop patent-pending modules that attach to vents and filters to measure the air coming out of these systems. We combine sensor networks with predictive algorithms based on neural networks to prevent HVAC system failure and improve building occupant wellbeing. The system is easy to integrate in any type of building or facility no matter what type of HVAC system is installed, and produces actionable insights.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
We will show the device in action and demonstrate how the pollution components vary at the location and surrounding area, and how the combination of data can be used to extract patterns that characterize pollution sources (i.e. 3D printer emissions vs. cooking vs. traffic emissions). We will also show how effective different filters are in filtering air contaminants, and will have contests for the attendees.