wonderMakr – Connect & Sync; Hands & Hearts

Connect & sync – as technology makers, we use those words daily. We connect wires and sync signals. Connect devices and sync files. Connect circuits and sync interactions.

We challenged ourselves to make an interactive experience that would help bring people together, connect them – and challenge them to sync up somehow. We wanted to translate these technology terms into human experiences. Connect & Sync; Hands & Hearts does just that and creates a grand spectacle in the TRL atrium for everyone to enjoy!

Imagine four giant balloons – 5.5’ in diameter each. From each balloon hangs a visualized heart rate pattern—like an EKG graph—lined with LEDs. These are each tethered to a motorized winch on the ground. The tops of the balloons start at about ~20’ high and will rise up to ~40′.

On the ground, there are four stations with four pairs of panels. Each pair has an open gap between them; however, one panel from each station is connected to one panel from the next station. Wiring runs from each pair of panels to the winch for that station. Each station is set at the corner of a ~13’ square.

Four individuals step up and connect by placing their hands on pairs of panels. Once everyone is connected, the sculpture is brought to life. First, the LEDs will flash as they calibrate and sync to the individuals, changing colour to their temperature. Then, each EKG begins to pulse the lights to each individual’s heart rate as the balloons begin to rise. The speed of the rise and fall of each balloon is a factor of the individuals BPM.

Participants can challenge themselves to sync the speed of their balloons, the pulse of their lights, and their colours. However, if anyone lets go for more than 10 seconds, the experience ends.