York Region Makers – NewMakeIt

NewMakeIt is a collaborative space located in Newmarket that enables members of the local community to start innovation, creative, learning or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
DrawBot. This device is a wall hanging X Y plotter that you can observe creating drawings. Spend a minute or two and watch the DrawBots create art pieces for your viewing enjoyment.

Candy Game. What do you get when you take a old candy machine and add a Raspberry Pi and mechatronics to it? You get a gamefied candy machine where if you reach a certain score on the game running on the Pi, you receive a candy treat!

MeArm. Take the MeArm challenge. Use the MeArm to pick up a ball and drop it in the chute within the allotted time. If you do, you get the ball…and there could be a treat inside!