MakerKids @ Maker Faire 2014


The Maker Faire this year is packed full of awesome workshops and activities for kids. In fact, we have the amazing folks from MakerKids coming along to facilitate robot battles, boat racing and rocket launching! Yes, there will be rockets in the library. If you haven’t heard of MakerKids before and you have a kid who likes to make stuff – then your prayers have been answered! One of the world’s only maker spaces designed especially for small people is located right here in Toronto, and they offer all sorts of awesome programming – from parties to summer schools to curriculum development – drop by their website (or there space) to take a look at what’s brewing or buzzing!

If you’re planning on coming to the Faire, here is a guide to some of the kids activities that will be ongoing over the weekend:


Maker Kids
Robot Battle
MakerKids is bringing robots to Maker Faire Toronto and you get to battle them in our robot battle arena! Attach balloons to one of our robot bases, and arm it with sharp things to pop competitors’ balloons.


Boat Racing

Make and race a boat! Once kids finish making their boats, they can race them in the fountain! Spectators along the sides will “help” the boats along by using air vortex cannons.



Kids can create and launch space-themed rockets, and then take them home. Use MakerKids’ rocket launcher to launch your creation up in the air, where replicas of the different planets and the International Space station will be placed at different heights. See how far ‘into orbit’ your rocket can go!


Action Potential Lab
Science and Art Imaginarium

Action Potential Lab presents “Science + Art Imaginarium”, an exciting, interactive, kid-friendly series of magical science experiments. This hands-on activity table involves dry ice, slime, craft supplies, x-rays, skeletons, and oobleck that bounces on speakers. Come see what the bubble, bounce and fizz is all about!


Toronto Tool Library
Drawbot Factory

Drawbot Factory is a hands–on youth activity where participants explore robotics and automatic drawing. Participants will assemble simple robots using basic circuitry and construction materials. The drawbots will then be used to create a community canvas. After drawing, robots will be disassembled so that their components can be reconfigured.


Peekapac: Story Telling
Hands-on, Storytelling Adventure

Peekapak is a new monthly subscription service delivering play-based learning experiences that mix storytelling and game play. Within each kit, families read a storybook designed by educator and are challenged to expand the story through our activities. At the faire kids will get a mini Peekapak experience.


Kids Learning Code
Wearable Technology and MaKey MaKey

Using a MaKey MaKey invention kit, kids and adults of all ages will be able combine circuitry and craft to prototype a wearable device to help solve common problems for at-risk/ endangered animals.

See you at the Faire! Register for free entry here: