Robots. Fire. Drones! Toronto Mini Maker Faire Is Baaaaaack!


Hello world! Toronto Mini Maker Faire is back. Building off of the great success from last year’s Faire we’re gearing up to do it all again!

Here are five reasons why we’re so jazzed to be back.

1. Sold out. Toronto Mini Maker Faire was sold out last year! We had over 4,000 people come to the Faire over the course of the weekend. How so many people fit in our space at Wychwood barns, we will never know – that was a Maker Faire miracle! This year we’re in a new and even bigger home at the Toronto Reference Library. Save the date: November 22-23, 2014.

2. Successful workshops. More than 700 people learned to solder at last year’s Faire. We actually ran out of soldering kits! And as faire participants learned to solder, we had all hands on deck assembling more kits. That’s how popular our workshops were. This year, thanks to our sponsors, we will be ordering oodles of supplies, and doubling the number of workshops, so everyone can #MakeAllTheThings, all weekend long.

3. Awesome makers. The Maker Faire was the greatest Show and Tell in Toronto, bringing together makers with all levels of expertise to show what they’ve been tinkering on. Take a look at the maker-filled goodness we had at last year’s Faire and submit your project today! The call for makers is now open.

“I think the draw is just seeing the young people here, you get to inspire people and show off what you’ve done,” – Andy Vopni of 3D Chocolateering.

4. Great sponsors. Without sponsors, there would not be a Maker Faire in Toronto. We can’t thank our supporters enough for providing us with a venue, covering the costs of workshops, materials, supplies, and helping us feed our tireless volunteers. A huge thank you to our sponsors: Autodesk, George Brown College, Hyndman Law, TinEye, Shopify, Teehan+Lax, Mozilla, Shoplocket, Kanetix, Marketwired, TVO, and all of our awesome community partners. Let’s do this again. Get in touch and let’s talk about how you too can be a sponsor this year.

5. Incredible media coverage. One of the main goals of bringing a Maker Faire to Toronto was to get the word out about making and the maker movement. We want to help ignite passions for tinkering and all things DIY. Thank you to the Toronto media outlets for helping us tell this story – just look at last year’s incredible press coverage.

“A maker, you can think of in a really broad sense, it’s anybody who does something with their hands. People should know that technology isn’t magic. It’s possible to understand how all these things work.” – Eric Boyd of the Toronto Maker Faire in an interview for Toronto Star.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come and experience Toronto MIni Maker Faire for yourself! See you November 22-23 at the Toronto Reference Library. It’ll be awesome.

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