ShopLocket: Ecommerce built for makers

We are happy to add ShopLocket to the growing list of sponsors of Toronto Mini Maker Faire.

ShopLocket: Ecommerce built for makers

ShopLocket has been a huge supporter of Toronto Maker Faire from day one. We have spotted Katherine Hague and crew at the Maker Faire launch party in Mozilla HQ, and felt the support ever since.

robot-shoplocket_SATTShopLocket is an ecommerce platform designed for makers. See it grow from pre-orders to help  capture credit card information immediately after  crowdfunding campaigns end, and all the way to a full shopping cart with multiple products. ShopLocket easily drops in any
website platform and is customizable to suit a huge range of design needs. We have seen the need firsthand, when we went to Detroit Maker Faire – almost every single project worth seeing was crowdfunded in some way. So, if you are a maker, you need to give ShopLocket a try.

Here’s a great local example of InteraXon using ShopLocket for MUSE, and there are many more excellent examples and ideas delivered to you by BluePrint weekly newsletter. Also, if you’re reading this and Ruby is your thing, why not come work for ShopLocket!

Keep up with ShopLocket on Twitter and Facebook, and show some love. While you are at it, why not get your Maker Faire ticket, too!

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