Talks + Demos @ Maker Faire 2014


On top of all the Maker booths and awesome workshops we have planned, there’s also an entire line-up of talks going on at the Maker Faire on the third floor of the library. The best part is – they are all free! Make sure you stop by and peak in – you never know what will be going on! And if you’re a planner, here’s the schedule:


 10:30–11:30  Andrew Kilpatrick  Modular Synthesizers: Live Demonstration
 11:30–12:00  Alex Leitch  The Rainbow Gun: Success, Failure, and Taking On A Hobby
 12:00–13:00  James McIntyre  Rediscovering Ontario’s Colleges – The Original Makers
 13:00–13:30  Stephen Morris  Why are icicles rippled? Making a machine to study the  growth and shapes of icicles
 13:30–14:00  Drew Cox (Matter and Form)  How to accidentally build a company out of what you make
 14:00–14:30  Karlen Chang  Enchanted Spaces and Enchanted Objects
 14:30–15:00  Vaanan Murugathas  Arcade machine in a shoe box
 15:00–15:30  Julielynn Wong  How Would Dr. McCoy Use A Star Trek Replicator?
 15:30–16:00  Ariel Garten  Brain Sensing Tech: Thought Controlled Computing,  Meditating your way to techno-peace and more
 16:00–16:30  Jody Culham  How can the brain control machines?
 16:30–17:00  Awards  Supergeek, RoarockitSkateboard, Bridgable, Blue Ribbons


 11:00–11:30  Andy Forest  Making with Kids in Your School
 11:30–12:00  Michael Schwanzer  Reverse Engineering: How to turn a typewriter into a printer
 12:00–12:30  Ashley Lewis  Making as Storytelling
 12:30–13:00  Christina Hug  The Importance of Play
 13:00–13:30  Lisa Carrie Goldberg  Do-It-Yourself Science
 13:30–14:00  Steve Reaume  airVR: virtual reality from concept to kickstarter
 14:00–14:30  Stephen Morris  Making emergence: building gadgets that create interesting  self-organized patterns in liquids, sand and mud
 14:30–15:30  Loretta Faveri & Leif Bloomquist  SOMO Sound & Motion interactive dance performance and demo workshop
 15:30–16:30  Toronto Awesome Foundation  Pitch your awesome idea to win $1000
 16:30–17:00  Awards  RoarockitSkateboard, Supergeek, Bridgable, Awesome  Foundation, Blue Ribbons