The Makers Are Coming.


This weekend Nov 22-23rd will see the biggest Maker Faire Toronto has ever hosted. The Toronto Reference Library is going to be packed to the brim with local creators, hackers, crafters and tinkerers. You’ll get to meet and play, listen and watch, sit back and wonder! Arduino robots, origami, laser cutting, interactive art, workshops, talks, soldering and everything in between.

Things to know:

1. The Faire is free! Register your spot if you’d like entry to be quick and easy!

2. There will also be a handful of makers selling their stuff. Bring your wallets just in case – these are locally made one-of-a-kind creations. AND Christmas is coming!!!!

3. There are three layers of awesome! We’re going to be spread out over 3 floors in the Toronto Reference Library – so make sure to explore it all. You might even find a cave of glow-wonders on the 2nd floor and awesome Maker Talks galore on the third. And it’s all accessible of course!

4. There is parking! Asquith Ave is the small street just south of the library. Parkade entrance is on the south side of the street, i.e. from Youge and Bloor, you go north, turn right on Asquith, then turn right into the garage.

5. Do you want something laser cut? Do you want something screen printed? Bring it along and we’ll do what we can to get it done!

6. The workshops are a mixture of drop in and registered! The latter are filling up quick! 3D print your heart out!

See you at the Faire this weekend – it’s going to be a total hoot!

Over & Shout,
Maker Faire Team xo14-11-05-5DIII-7749_8x12