The Three Makerteers

Posted on February 19, 2013 Under Team

For the past month or so we’ve been meeting once a week or more to start shaping up our plan of attack  to create an epic Maker Faire Toronto for 2013. This has involved legal research (much thanks to Chris), fundraising discussions (welcome Leila), branding debates, meetings with makers, handover conversations with the previous organizers (thanks to Treehouse & FITC) and conference calls with the Maker Faire team (hey Sabrina) in California.

We’re conscious it may look quiet on the website and it’s difficult to talk too much  about what we’re up to until the basics (date, venue etc) are confirmed. In the meantime, we wanted some photos up that showed us together – communicating our sense of play and spirit. Something more team-y… As the group expands, hopefully we’ll get some more behind-the-scenes pics up here, but in the meantime, here are some photos of us goofing around, as well as some very serious thinking fuelled by candy and chocolate milk.