Toronto Mini Maker Faire survivor guide

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Here’s a survival guide we put together with 10 Things You Need To Know about surviving – and thriving –  at your very own Toronto Mini Maker Faire.


10 Essentials for Your Maker Faire Survival Kit

  1. Tickets. Please bring your ticket on your phone, or print it to get to see the makers and not waste your time in a lineup. Or pay with cash/credit/debit at the door.  We got Squares on the ready.
  2. Bring cash. Some workshops told us they would appreciate a PWYC, and some have a small honorarium to cover costs, so please bring some change with you. We think this needs to be said, cause who carries cash nowadays? Exactly.  
  3. Going to a robot cavalcade on Sunday? Check our SCHEDULE. It’s Bring Your Own Robot (BYOR) – same goes for toy hacking. There will be toys for hacking,but if you can bring your own, please do so. We’re sure there’s toys you can’t stand lying around your house; bring them in!
  4. Water. We will have water, but please bring a bottle. There might also be some water coming down from the sky maybe bring an umbrella, too, just in case! Maker Faire is INDOORS, but umbrella is still a good idea.
  5. Food. There will be a couple of food tracks and food options, but please don’t expect fancy food. We run on pizza and beer around here. Speak not of fancy pork bellies, cronuts, and ramen noodles – we ain’t got that at Maker Faire; not this year anyway.
  6. Tshirts! We do have super awesome Maker Faire tshirts for sale!
  7. Wear a costume! Cause why not!? Let that Halloween spirit come early. This is one of the reason Maker Faires are so great – you can make it what you want it to be. Wanna dress as R2D2? Fine with us. We don’t judge.
  8. Parking. If you can, please take TTC. Not much parking around Wychwood Barns. See the location map below.
  9. Ticket prices are going up at midnight today. ALL discount codes stop working at midnight. Fear the night! Get your ticket while it’s still on sale.
  10. Make, hack, invent, tinker, play! Come to meet new friends. Please say hi to people you don’t know, ask makers about their projects, and build a robot or two. Join the maker fun!

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