TVO partners with Toronto Maker Faire

Toronto Maker Faire feels loved. Because today is the day TVO stepped up as our awesome media partner! What makes TVO so special and close to our maker hearts? We give you three reasons: kids, math, and games.


TVOKids Caterpillar Count-Preschooler tested

TVOKids gamified math education before gamifying became a trend du jour. TVOKids needs no introduction, but we want to mention two really cool games Hop, Frog, Hop! and Ribbit, Frog, Ribbit! that improve working memory – a brain function essential to learning across all subject areas and yes, in particular, math. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education evaluated both games and found that the children who played these games showed greater improvement across all math and math-related tasks. MATH. That’s the M letter in STEM. Whenever we think of kids having fun with games while learning math, our hearts beat faster.

TVO’s IdeaShaker Innovation Lab

TVO working memory event 1
IdeaShaker Innovation Lab is TVO’s hub for incubating new digital products and talent. IdeaShaker produces educational apps for smartphones and tablets, like the Caterpillar Count app for Leap Motion. In a nutshell, that’s a gesture  technology-driven app making use of Leap Motion’s cutting-edge tech. Kids move their fingers in the air to help a caterpillar grow while learning to count in sequence. Give it a try! Especially if you have kids. So fun.

TVO embraces new ways to support, engage and educate kids.
That’s why TVO loves Toronto Maker Faire. Because there isn’t a better place for the kids and parents in TO than Toronto Maker Faire, on the weekend of September 21-22 at Wychwood Barns. Where else can you get your kids to learn how to build a robot, fly a kite, solder and hack toys, check out 3D printing and get inspired by the possibilities! Who knew you could 3D-print chocolate? And that’s just a taste of what you’ll see at Toronto Maker Faire.

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