Waterloo Mini Maker Faire Is This Saturday!

Two of us from the Maker Faire Toronto team will be heading to Waterloo Mini Maker Faire this weekend, and we are super excited! And it looks like this is the first time that a Maker Faire is happening in Waterloo. We were lucky enough to have a few of the organizers of it at our Launch Party as well – we’re all sharing the Maker Faire love here in Ontario, and on a broader scale, Canada (one of our organizers met the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire team at Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo, California). Based on this tweet, it looks like the Ottawa Mini Maker Faire team will be making a road trip to be there this weekend as well. Confused yet? In any case, the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire this Saturday looks awesome, and you should go – we’ll see you there!

The details: Waterloo Mini Maker Faire is this Saturday, June 15th from 10AM-10PM at Kitchener City Hall. It is a FREE event!

Here are some examples of the Makers you will be able to see there:

RobotGrrl’s Robot Creatures. “RoboBrrd, is a small robotic bird designed as a DIY kit. It can interact with humans using its sensors, expressing its delight by flapping its wings and opening its beak.”

Agnes Makes: “These textiles plants are made from laser cut fabric, with floral wire inside each leaf to give the plant life.”
“Agnes took home three Editor’s Choice Ribbon’s for her plants at the Detroit Maker Faire in 2012”

Hacklab.TO Propaganda Booth: From our very own city, “HackLab.TO is a technology community space in Toronto with a diverse membership, including artists, computer programmers, web designers, and hardware hackers. It is inspired by the philosophies of the global hackerspaces movement which encourages people to socialize, share knowledge, and work together on their projects. A variety of member projects will be on display.” Disclosure: One of the organizers of Maker Faire Toronto is the President of Hacklab TO!

Kids Can Hack! (Kitchener Public Library): “Come play with some squishy circuits and learn about KPL’s summer programs. Don’t have a library card? We can sign you up for one at our maker booth!”

MYO (from Thalmic Labs): I have read a lot about this online but am super excited to see it in person! “MYO is a gesture-based control device that connects the real and the digital world. It works out of the box with things you already have, like your Mac or Windows PC, and allows you to take control using the movement of the muscles in your forearm.” Check out their awesome video:

Bluetooth Polygraph: “Surreality Labs presents the Bluetooth Polygraph – a new project using biofeedback sensors, open-source hardware and an Android application to duplicate the equipment from your favourite cop shows and spy movies at a far lower cost. Can it actually tell if you’re lying? Probably not. Is it fun? Of course!”

Clearpath Robotics: “Clearpath Robotics Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of unmanned vehicle systems, software, and components for academic and industrial research and development. Our clients range from small local businesses to some of the best known technical institutions on the planet. Based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Clearpath Robotics employs highly talented people who live and breathe robotics. We believe that work must have a high “cool” factor, and we’re looking for people who share in our passion to create remarkable products and change the world.” You may notice that one of Clearpath Robotics’ products was featured in the MYO video – go Waterloo, go!