What can you expect to see at Toronto Mini Maker Faire?

Expect to see robots, 3D printing in action, jewelry, beautiful wood and glass creations, and more. BetaKit sums it up in a great write-up piece on Toronto Mini Maker Faire:

Maker Faire Toronto is a celebration of Makers – a term fondly being used by 3D printers, DIY-robot makers, hackers, tinker-ers and hobbyists.

We are in the midst of a maker movement caused by the democratization of manufacturing and the widespread availability of online marketplaces which let Makers sell their goods – Shapeways, Etsy and eBay come to mind.

The Maker movement has exploded thanks to cheaper and more accessible 3D printers, motors, sensors, accelerometers and the like. The movements rapid growth is also due to open-sourced platforms like Arduino and knowledge sharing sites like Github and Instructables.

A limited number of tickets are still available at 50% off!

Who likes MAKING STUFF!! We do.

Who likes MAKING STUFF!! We do.