What’s happening this week at Maker Festival

Posted on July 21, 2017 Under Uncategorized
It’s the last week of the ✨Month of Making✨ and your last chance to make it happen! Check out these events:


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In this 3 hour Workshop, you’ll make your own sterling silver band ring OR 2 sterling silver stacking rings. You’ll learn the basics of jewellery fabrication – how to measure, cut, forge, solder, clean and polish. No experience necessary.
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It’s the diversity of interests in the former FlashInTO that have lead us to CreateInTO. You are a creator, maker, jack of all trades. You like to design things and write code. You want to delight others with your creations and/or make the world a better place to live. You want to share and learn from others. If these statements describe you, come out to CreateInTO.
More info here.


Learn how to build a website using WordPress – the popular blog and website publishing software. If you’re trying to set up a simple website for your small business or personal blog – or perhaps you use WordPress at work and want to learn more – this workshop is for you! From pages to posts, widgets to plugins, you’ll learn all about how to customize and maintain WordPress on your own website.
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Go go gadget blinking light! Learn how to use an Arduino micro-controller, and how to code with the Arduino development software. This program is for those who know nothing about Arduino, micro-controllers and electronics. A laptop and Arduino kit is provided for use during this workshop.


We’re a club for recreational computer science, and we read computer sciencey things recreationally! Check our reading schedule to see what paper we’re reading this week. See you soon!
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Ages 10+, Families Welcome! Scratch is a free programming language to make games, movies and animations! Learn about the Scratch programming language and editor in this fun, informative workshop for both kids and parents!
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