What’s on this week at Maker Festival: Dancing with dinosaurs, making dye from flowers, playing games with biology

Posted on June 16, 2016 Under Uncategorized

Everything from silk screening, to coding, to natural dye making, to making games with single cell organisms. Spend your weekend doing something weird, and join in on the Month of Making!

ROM friday night live

This year, ROM are organizing two events as part of Maker Festival – Family FunDay on Sunday June 19, and a maker-themed Friday Night Live – complete with giant Wendiceratops puppet courtesy of local Toronto maker Drew Lamb – happening this Friday night 17 June.

flower petals

Learn how to make dye’s from natural plants at High Park with Spontaneous Atelier. 


Find out what happens when you mix Arduino electronics with real-life single-celled organisms and gaming.

woman painting in a red hat

Unleash you’re inner Leonardo Da Vinci and get your paint on in a super casual social environment.


The folks at Kid Learning Code are hosting a workshop where young tinkerers can play with Makey Makey’s and learn the basics of programming. 


young lady silk screening

Learn how to go from zero to silkscreen with the folks at Harbourfront Centre.

young kids and older mentors coding

Take the kids on a coding adventure at Markham Library.


Get your stuff repaired – everything from electronics, clothing, computers & jewelry – by the caring folks at Repair Cafe.


Check out MakerKids – a kid’s only maker space in Bloor West.

feltastic fashion

Learn to develop your own sewing pattern from scratch in this intensive workshop with Hedy Leung.


Get the kids building remote control robots with CoderDojo

InterAccess_Intro-To-Unity-For-artists_June 19

Learn the super-basics of working in digital 2D & 3D for gaming / creative applications.


Take a tour of the green room, 3D creation stations, and sound and control rooms full of cool toys, gadgets and instruments at the brand new, state of the art library in Vaughan!


Meet other 3D printer enthusiasts and hub owners at the Fox and Fiddle York Mills Pub, hosted by 3D Hubs.

canvases with paintings

Paint to live music by local musicians and meet other art lovers at Paintlounge!


Celebrate youth leadership, growth and transformation with SKETCH through exhibitions, performance, music and artwork by various artists.