Workshops @ Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2014


Toronto Mini Maker Faire is local celebration of makers and the things they make. It’s a two day festival held each year where makers gather to show off their creations to the public – with an emphasis on hands-on experiences for all. Show & Tell happens at each exhibitor table, plus there are talks, workshops, lots of opportunities to get involved!

See below for a description of all the registered workshops on offer, or feel free to cut to the chase and start registering here. 

For workshops with fees, workshop fee covers the cost of workshop materials and takeaway artifact for participants.

All workshops on this page are hosted in the Beeton Auditorium at the Toronto Reference Library.  It’s on the main floor, to the right of the stairs to the second floor, the door is near the rear water feature.  Please line-up in the hallway rather than out the door.

We’re also hosting 3D printing workshops. So many in fact that they need their own separate event listing!

There is one additional workshop, where tickets are being handled independently, TalkMake: Make your own TalkBox, the information for which is at the bottom of this blog!


Little Robot Friends Workshop Saturday Nov 22 9:00-10:00am & Sun Nov 23 10:00-11:00am $5

little robot friends

Program a Custom Robot Personality Using Little Robot Friends & Arduino

Little Robot Friends are cute, programmable robotic characters that are a great start for learning electronics and programming. This workshop will introduce you to the Little Robot Friends, describe the inputs and outputs that make them sense and express, and walk you through the process of creating a custom personality with unique light and sound reactions. We will also show you how you can program a trick or song into your robot (time permitting).

Age range is 10 and up. Programming experience is not required but recommended. Little Robot Friend kits will be provided for the workshop and attendees will receive a coupon for a discounted LRF creative combo bundle if they want to purchase one to take home.

Please bring your own laptop computer with the Arduino software (v1.0.X) installed, the LRF for Arduino library and drivers for the LRF Dock. Check out for links to software and more information.


Introduction to Arduino – Family Workshop Saturday Nov 22 10:00am-12:00pm $5

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 12.38.27 PM

Get started with Arduino, the world’s most popular open-source electronics platform! Attendees will get a chance to learn Arduino from Vernon Kee, engineer turned teacher and head of the SMR program at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute where his students begin learning Arduino in Grade 9! More information on the program and technology being brought to the workshop can be found here

Children aged 8-18 are permitted to attend with their parent. Parent and child must be present at all times during the workshop. No single adults or single unattended children will be allowed. 1 Ticket = 1 adult & 1 child for the workshop.

**People must bring their own laptops and Arduino must be installed BEFORE you come to the Faire. The workshop will begin with the assumption that you have installed the software successfully from here:


Urethane Bracelet Casting Workshop Saturday Nov 22, 12:00-12:45pm & 12:45-1:30 $5


Create your own bracelet by casting Urethane! Urethane is a clear 2 part epoxy that can be custom colorized. Each participant will colorize, mix, cast, demold. Molds will be premade. Age 10 and up.


Fab Fashion Chic Workshop Saturday, Nov 22, 1:30-3:00pm $10


The workshop is for budding fashion design innovators and stylist, in this workshop participants will explore the field of eco-fashion and wearable technology. The workshop is target for children and youth in grades 5 – 8 (ages 9 – 14 yrs. old), children and parents are welcome to attend the workshop. Participants will take part in fun design activities in which they will create their own fashion accessories using a variety of fabrics, unique materials and electronics. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice the skill of hand sewing and learn the basics of electronics. The workshop will be accompanied with a powerpoint presentation.


Tool Box Building WorkshopSaturday, Nov 22, every half hour between 3:00-4:30pm $10


Tool box building: using only a hammer, participants will assemble a pre-cut wooden tool box. This is a great workshop for some early hands on making, a great parent child activity. Included is a choice of 2 take home tools to get the next project started. Ages 5 and up. Please sign up in parent child pairs – 1 ticket per child/parent pair.


Bump-Bot Robot Workshop Sunday, Nov 23rd 11:00am-1:00pm $20


With this super exciting take home, participants will build a rumba style bumpbot. Participants will learn about circuit diagrams and get to put their knowledge of circuit diagrams to the test by slowly assembling their robots, piece by piece. We will go over parallel, and series, circuits, switches and loads, and the symbols that represent them. Join this exciting hands on workshop and become your own toy creator! Age: 9yrs – 13yrs. Workshop by Logics Academy, a co-curricular service provider specializing in Robotics & Aerospace Education. Get more information at


Puppet Making For All Ages Workshop Sunday Nov 23, 3:00pm-5:00pm $10


The workshop will begin with a brief lesson on types of puppetry, and participants will be given time to play with different types of professional puppets. This will be followed by the opportunity to construct a simple rod puppet made from 3 pencils, 1 larger foam ball, 2 smaller foam balls and a pre-cut fabric rectangle. (Pre-made puppets will be available for younger children to decorate, rather than build.) Puppet construction emphasizes character creation, teaching the artist to consider how the colour, shape, and location of features such as eyes, noses, mouths, teeth, ears, and hair, make a puppet what it is. Upon completion, the younger puppeteers will receive a certificate to accompany their creation.


TalkBox Workshop Sunday, Nov 23, 2014, *new time 1pm-3pm (slightly changed from 12:30-2:30pm) 


For this activity, participants will build their own TalkBox device. TalkBox is a low-cost Speech Generating Device (SGD). A SGD is a device that helps individuals communicate and/or engage in social interactions. SGDs can be useful to individuals who are non-verbal or functionally non-verbal and their interaction partners. TalkBox allows its user to activate a pre-recorded spoken word or phrase by a simple touch of the finger. Up to 12 different pre-recorded vocabulary items (spoken words or phrases) can chosen, and the set of vocabulary items can be customized for each particular user.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop. We have designed the workshop so that participants register as a team. Each team must consist of (i) a child or young adult who is the potential TalkBox user and (ii) one or more “partners”, such as a parent, guardian, sibling, personal support worker, nurse, or special education teacher.

Please visit the TalkMake Workshop Page to register.