CADGrader – CADGrader

CADGrader is an end to end service that automatically grades CAD assignments. Educational instructors can quickly marks thousands of CAD files with our simple drag and drop interface. Our software accurately compares student CAD files to a given correct CAD file. Additionally, we organise student grades and data in an interactive spreadsheet. With CADGrader, educational institutions can save time, money, and improve marking standards. We are committed to enhance the CAD learning experience in academic institutions.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
At our booth, attendees are given a drawing that they can 3D model on our computers. We can then grade there CAD file through our software and see how accurate it is. Attendees will be given prizes based on their grades and CAD skills.

This is a great way to introduce computer aided design to attendees, particularly students. We will have example drawings of varying complexities so that people of all skill sets can participate. We hope that our booth gets youth excited about design and the potential careers that this field offers.

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